So, it’s still Women’s History Month, and I’m still interested in and excited about the whole thing, but work has been busy, family has been busy, and has only gotten busier… so daily blogging (or even weekly) has fallen to the wayside, especially blogging that requires finding, reading, and summarizing biographies. So I have some thought that I will go back and fill in the days I have missed, but I don’t know. I am disappointed that I wasn’t able to keep up with this, and it’s still hugely important. The religious right is still trying to limit women’s freedom every day, and successfully passing draconian, anti-woman legislation in state legislatures. We must be ever vigilant, we must be aware of the women who struggled to make this world better for their daughters, how well they succeeded, and how much work remains to be done. We must also be aware of the women who accomplished great things in other fields throughout history, doing things men said they couldn’t possibly do, and doing them better than the men. Anyway, it was a good two weeks, so I made it half way, and here are a couple of links to sites I’ve been using for inspiration and research for you to peruse until I get back to this project (if I do):