I’ve never been big on bumper stickers, politically I’ve tended towards magnets or taping a sticker inside the rear window so I could remove it (who wants to be that guy driving around with a Mondale sticker they can’t get off the bumper). But the other day I saw  a car that used to have a Jesus fish on the back. Someone had attempted to remove it, leaving behind a fairly permanent black residue, still unmistakably a Jesus fish.

Suddenly I was struck by a strong desire to put a Darwin fish on my car. It’s a cheap old car, and will be older by the time I sell it, so I’m largely unconcerned with resale value. I Googled Darwin fish to find a place to buy one and I came across this:


I’ve never heard of anything like this before. It never would have occurred to me, even if I were a Christian. It seems incredibly thin skinned and lacking in a sense of humor. I could dissect the arguments piece by piece, but it all seems to me to come down to one thing: when the powerful ridicule the powerless, that’s called bullying. When the powerless ridicule the powerful, that’s called comedy. According to a 2010 Pew survey 80% of Americans consider themselves Christians.

I’ll also note that Goldberg suggests that the Darwin fish is cowardly when one could be speaking out against Islam. This is still wrapped up in the definition of comedy versus bullying, but frankly, I think the speaking out against Islam thing is pretty well covered in this country. As for which is more courageous, if I insulted Islam it is highly unlikely I would end up under a fatwa. On the other hand, shortly after the 2008 election I returned to my car after eating in a restaurant near my home to find my Obama magnet missing and the air let out of my tire. My yard signs have been repeatedly stolen as well. I submit that there is at least a smidgen of threat from having a Darwin fish in my neighborhood, if Christians indeed feel as insulted as Mr. Goldberg thinks they should, but there is essentially zero threat of an attack by Muslims around me.

But I’m really interested in what other people think. Is the Darwin fish a grave insult to Christianity, or just a tame, if a bit stale, joke?